Tel Aviv
Top Tourist Attractions

Tel Aviv - Top Tourist Attractions

When it comes to top attractions, Tel Aviv has a good mix to offer visitors and tourists. Most places and landmarks in your itinerary will have historical and religious significance but others will have a touch of modern and hip.

Tel Aviv Beaches

One of the reasons that Tel Aviv is voted as one of the best...

Old City and Port town of Jaffa

When in Tel Aviv, a visit to the Old City and Port town of...

Namal: The Old Port Area

A historical location turned into the hottest place in town, Namal, the Old Port...

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

When the sun goes down, the party scene in Tel Aviv starts to come...

Eating in Tel Aviv

No holiday is complete without sampling the local cuisine and some of the celebrated...

Tel Aviv Museums

Museums are always one of the tourist attractions you can explore when visiting any...

Carmel Market (Shuk Ha'Carmel)

As the largest market in Tel Aviv, expect to find a huge range of...

Rothschild Boulevard

As a center for commerce, finance, culture, theater, culinary, and leisure, it is not...

Tel Aviv - Top Tourist Attractions

Most places to visit in your itinerary in Tel Aviv, Israel will have historical significance at the same time many will have a touch of modern and hip. When it comes to attractions for tourists or visitors Tel Aviv offers a good mix. Its a modern city with great dining opportunities and a vibrant nightlife too.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv may be steep in history, but the Tel Aviv Museum of Art brings a contemporary art scene into the mix. It features the works of Degas, Monet, Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Israeli artists. One thing you shouldn't miss during your visit is the Alois Breyer collection of early 20th-century prints and architectural renderings that showcase the wooden synagogues in Ukraine that were all destroyed during the Second World War.

Carmel Market

Spilling out of Carmel Street and into other areas such as Nahalat Binyamin Street, this marketplace is where shoppers, locals and not, flock to shop for a variety of items, from flowers to souvenirs, from sunup to sundown. Visit during Tuesdays and Fridays and buy unique crafts and items from independent artists and vendors. Carmel Market is close every Shabbat (Saturday).

Yarkon Park

This large park in Tel Aviv draws about sixteen million visitors every year for its natural beauty and stunning landmarks. The Yarkon River flows through the park and all six of its gardens:

  • Gan Nifga'ei HaTeror (Terror Victims Memorial Garden)
  • Gan HaBanim (Fallen Soldiers Memorial Garden)
  • Gan HaKaktusim (Cactus Garden)
  • Gan HaSlaim (Rock Garden)
  • and Gan HaTropi (Tropical Garden)
  • Gan HaGazum (Trimmed Garden)
  • The river then flows out to the Mediterranean Sea.

Among the 6 gardens, the Rock Garden is one of the world's largest of its kind. The 10-acre enclosure showcases the geological diversity of Israel. This makes Yarkon Park, one of the must-visit top attractions in Tel Aviv.

Jaffa Port

Located in Old Jaffa, the Jaffa Port is an ancient port that served as a yacht harbor, fishing harbor, and as a tourism destination, offering visitors restaurants and establishments where they can experience the culture and food of Jaffa. This is where you can feast on local cuisine with the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea blowing your way.

Many private tours in and around Tel Aviv start at the Jaffa Port, going to other top attractions such as Saint Peter Church, Jaffa Flea Market, Neve Tzedek Quarter, and the Rothschild Boulevard.

Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot

Want to know more about the Jewish People, their history and culture? The Museum of the Jewish People is where you should be. It houses Beit Hatefutsoth that illustrates the culture and life of the Jews throughout history across the world.

Check out film recordings, documents, models, interactive multimedia displays, and other exhibits that will take you back in time and then back to the present. Some of the highlights are exhibits about Bob Dylan and around the Ethiopian Jewish community.

Neve Tzedek Quarter

The oldest neighborhood in the city, Neve Tzedek Quarter features old but well-preserved buildings and houses that were first built by European-Jewish settlers. This is where you'll find something funky and hip—restaurant, cafes, boutiques, etc.

There’s more to explore in Tel Aviv. Book a tour and you’ll get to see the best at a pace that you set.

One of the reasons that Tel Aviv is voted as one of the best tourist destinations is the beaches. It has a welcoming coastline, after all, and you can practically hop from one beach to another in a day.But where's the fun in not spending a day on a particular beach and not take advantage of all that sun, sea, and sand?Tel Aviv beaches stretch from south to north, Jaffa to the Tel Aviv Port to be exact.Some of the top beaches you can explore during your holiday are:Ajami BeachBanana BeachBograsho... Read More

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Private Smartphone Photography Workshop during Sunset at Tel Aviv Beach

There is an old saying that goes "The best camera is the one you have with you". Smartphones are with us all the time. In our pockets, in our hands, always in a very accessible place. This creative an

Duration: 2 hours

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When in Tel Aviv, a visit to the Old City and Port town of Jaffa is a must. It is a window to the history and culture of Jaffa, after all.Old Jaffa has an atmosphere that is unique from the rest of Tel Aviv. Wander along its winding alleyways and you will see historic buildings made of stone, ancient churches and mosques, art galleries, Jaffa Port, and the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpishim).Explore it day and night and experience something different each time.Make sure to take a walk along Ye... Read More

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North of Israel Classic Private Tour

This trip is our classical tour of The North of Israel. We will visit the famous and beautiful cities of Haifa, Jaffa & Tel Aviv and Akka.

Duration: 8 hours

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A historical location turned into the hottest place in town, Namal, the Old Port area in Tel Aviv, is one of the interesting places to visit during your holiday.It was founded in 1936, became derelict during the 90s, but was regenerated starting in 2000. Today, the Old Port Area is nothing like its ancient version. It is now an area where you can experience the local culture, engage in leisure activities, and be entertained.It is also a venue for exciting nightlife in Tel Aviv. This is where the... Read More

When the sun goes down, the party scene in Tel Aviv starts to come to life. It has gained recognition around the world as one of the best nighttime entertainment you can enjoy.This has something to do with its diverse range of bars and clubs that appeals to people of every possible interest and taste. Suffice it to say that there is something for everyone in Tel Aviv. There are mega clubs in the area and smaller bars in smaller neighborhoods.Nightlife in Tel Aviv is not concentrated in one place... Read More

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Tel Aviv Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour

Tel Aviv is a destination world-famous for its bustling nightlife and party scenes, attracting the best DJ's and young travelers from all over the world. We provide local connections to all the hidden

Duration: 210 to 270 minutes

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No holiday is complete without sampling the local cuisine and some of the celebrated foods and dishes in a particular tourist destination. Tel Aviv is no exception.It is one of the best places to go on a gastronomic journey and go on food overload. Some of the must-try foods are Falafel, Hummus masabacha / kawarma, Kanafeh, Lechem bread, Shakshuka, and Tahini.Hakosem for the best shawarma, falafel, and hummus. Miznon for exceptional white tahini or fleshy pita. Dok for its baked kohlrabi with sh... Read More

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Seashore Biking - Along the Shore of Herzliya, Tel Aviv & Jaffa

The seashore between Herzliya and Jafa provides a unique opportunity for a fun, relatively easy ride, with a marked bike route. Still, it presents an opportunity to experience some sand riding

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

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Museums are always one of the tourist attractions you can explore when visiting any destination. In Tel Aviv, there are loads of museums that you can visit, ranging from smaller specialist museums to large national institutions.Each museum has something different to see.The Tel Aviv Museum of Arts is home to a great collection of modern arts by both international and Israeli artists.Beit Hatfutsot or The Museum of the Jewish People chronicles the life, history, and journey of the Jews through a ... Read More

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Private Walking Tour of Jaffa Tel Aviv and the Yitzhak Rabin Museum

A comprehensive private walking day tour of Jaffa,Tel Aviv and the Rabin Museum with a local professional guide sharing the history and culture of ancient and modern Israel.

Duration: 6 hours

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As the largest market in Tel Aviv, expect to find a huge range of products at the Carmel market. You'll end up doing more than just souvenir shopping in this shuk.The cacophony of sounds and colors make this marketplace a vibrant one. The hustle and bustle also inspire you to flit from one stall to another. Here, you'll find clothing, spices, fruits, electronics, and other offerings that traders sell.You will experience plenty of interesting things at once. But you can make your shopping expedit... Read More

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Carmel Market Tasting Tour

Carmel market holds a fascinating variety of culinary riches, colorful spices and intriguing characters . Our Carmel market tasting tour will introduce you to flavors and scents of old Tel Aviv as wel

Duration: 2 hours

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As a center for commerce, finance, culture, theater, culinary, and leisure, it is not a surprise that Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv is one of the most important and iconic streets in the city. It's a must-visit when you travel to this tourist destination.The center of the boulevard is popular with bikers, dog walkers, and people who simply want to take a stroll and enjoy a cup of Joe at amazing coffee kiosks. Despite its contemporary look and feel, the Rothschild Boulevard was built a little ... Read More

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Pub crawl Rothschild blvd

Let us show you the best nightlife in Tel Aviv! Together with other locals and international people we go visit 4 of the coolest bars and clubs in the city. We meet in Hayarkon 48 hostel at 21:30 for

Duration: 5 hours

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