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Canyoning sensation of Angon on the shores of Lake Annecy

(13) Reviews

The Angon Canyon is the must-see canyon of Haute-Savoie!I welcome you down the canyon to explain the operation o...

Duration:4 hours


Half-Day Bouldering in Fontainebleau

(7) Reviews

This bouldering program in the Fontainebleau Forest is suitable for both beginners are more experienced climbers who wis...

Duration:4 hours


Unusual evening in a Wall tent.

(2) Reviews

The portalegde is an activity that will allow you to experience an unusual evening.I will ensure your safety through...

Duration:4 hours


Canyoning discovery of the Furon (Grenoble / Lyon)

(15) Reviews

The Furon Canyon is the inevitable canyon of the Isère!I welcome you down the canyon to explain the operation of...

Duration:3 hours


Canyoning Annecy Angon Discovery

(144) Reviews

The Angon canyon is the main course on the shores of Lake Annecy. This course is accessible to the greatest number, chil...

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes


Canyoning in Annecy - La Boîte aux Lettres in Angon

(14) Reviews

It is one of the most beautiful canyons in Haute-Savoie and Savoie!The Angon waterfall allows you to discover th...

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes


Rando Aqua - "Le Pont de Tusset" - Discovery Course

(81) Reviews

Fully insured by our safety equipment (neoprene suits, life jacket, helmet, etc.), you will be able to embark on a seren...

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes


Canyoning discovery 3h in Grenoble (high Furon canyon)

(58) Reviews

The canyon of Furon high part in Isère is probably the most traveled canyons near Grenoble and Lyon.For all levels, ...

Duration:3 hours


Canyoning discovery 3h in Aix les bains / Chambéry: Ternèze

(46) Reviews

A true natural aqualand, the canyon of Ternèze Boyat allows a very fun discovery of canyoning.The advantage of this ...

Duration:3 hours


Canyoning Annecy Montmin Sensations

(54) Reviews

The Montmin route is rich in thrills. It is an ideal activity to cool off during the summer season. Our state-certified ...

Duration:3 hours


Canyoning discovery in the Vercors - Grenoble

(49) Reviews

This outing will allow you to discover canyoning in the Vercors massif.I will guide you in the Versoud canyon with g...

Duration:4 hours


Rope Climbing Adventure and Hiking in La Ciotat

(2) Reviews

The via cordata is a route equipped in a rock face in order to be able to move more easily.This is an intermediate activ...

Duration:3 hours


Ecouges canyon intermediate part

(13) Reviews

The middle part of the Ecouges canyon is a perfect sport discovery of the Vercors massif near Grenoble Lyon and Valence...

Duration:3 hours


La Maglia Canyon

(1) Reviews

It is considered one of the most beautiful canyons in France. Very aquatic, it has a significant flow all year round and...

Duration:6 hours


Ecouges sensational canyoning in the Vercors (Grenoble / Lyon)

(3) Reviews

The Canyon des Ecouges 2 is the must-see canyon of the Vercors just 50 minutes from Lyon!I welcome you down the ...

Duration:4 hours


Sports Canyoning of Écouges bas in Vercors - Grenoble

(29) Reviews

The natural site of Écouges in the Vercors is unique and wild. Discover a mineral universe and power by facing the force...

Duration:4 hours



(7) Reviews

Ecouges canyoning. Varied, fun and grandiose, Ecouges canyoning is located in the foothills of the Vercors between Greno...

Duration:4 hours


Canyoning Haute Besorgues in Ardeche - half day

(26) Reviews

A fun-filled water adventure that will give you a taste of everything canyoning has to offer : walking, jumps of up to 1...

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes


Marc Canyon

(33) Reviews

At my place, you will be welcomed as a "trainee" and not "clients". Your comfort and pleasure are at the center of my at...

Duration:4 hours


Riolan Canyon

(0) Reviews

The most beautiful route in the Alpes-Maritimes. Very aquatic, the course threads between high tight walls where sometim...

Duration:5 hours 30 minutes


Haut Chassezac Canyon Half Day

(280) Reviews

GECCO Adventure is above all a team of friends and enthusiasts, all state-certified professionals, specialists in mounta...

Duration:4 hours


Canyoning discovery of Furon Bas in Vercors - Grenoble

(10) Reviews

Discovery of the canyoning activity with a qualified guide of state. Jumps, slides and rappels on rope await you. Playfu...

Duration:3 hours


Infernet sport canyoning in Chartreuse - Grenoble

(1) Reviews

This canyon located on the Chartreuse massif, near Grenoble is one of the jewels of the region.At the bottom of ...

Duration:3 hours


3 hours of discovery of the Furon Haut en Vercors Canyon

(17) Reviews

The Furon gorges, framed by steep limestone cliffs, were shaped by the torrent which now flows at the bottom of the gorg...

Duration:3 hours


Canyoning in the Gorges du Loup

(100) Reviews

The canyoning course in the Gorges du Loup begins with two initiation abseils to discover the rope descent technique. Al...

Duration:2 hours


Canyoning Half Day Tour from La Ciotat

(13) Reviews

Canyoning in the half day is ideal to discover the cliffs of the creeks like The Mugel and Figuerolles, everything insid...

Duration:3 hours


Two canyons day in the Ossau valley in Laruns (64440)

(0) Reviews

 In the heart of the Ossau valley we offer a sports initiation with the chain of two different canyons, in the same day,...

Duration:4 hours 30 minutes


Canyoning in Acles

(1) Reviews

The Acles canyon is a must in the north of the department. The variety of its obstacles make it an example for the activ...

Duration:3 hours


Discovery canyoning in Chartreuse - Le Grenant

(1) Reviews

This outing will allow you to discover canyoning in the Chartreuse massif.I will make you discover the canyon of...

Duration:4 hours


Canyoning discovery of Versoud en Vercors - Grenoble

(4) Reviews

The Versoud is a playful and dense canyon. Many obstacles follow each other for only 10 minutes of approach. You will ha...

Duration:3 hours


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