Louvre Museum, Paris

Louvre Museum, Paris

Do you believe that the Louvre is probably the greatest art museum in the world, with its vast size and overwhelming richness? If you are interested in the fruits of civilization, from its antiquities to the significant developments in the 19th century, then you must visit this wonderful place in Paris, France. 

Brief History

The Louvre Museum started as a public museum in 1793, with 2,500 paintings, of which number has grown to some 30,000 today. The most popular of these artworks from antiquity include the “Jewels of Rameses II”, the “Seated Scribe”, the “Venus de Milo” and the “Winged Victory of Samothrace”. From the Renaissance Period, you should not miss don't miss Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Michelangelo’s “Slaves” and works by Raphael, Titian, and Botticelli. There are also masterpieces from great French artists of the 19th century, including Géricault’s “The Raft of the Medusa”, Ingres’ “La Grande Odalisque” and the works of David and Delacroix.

The museum was then rejuvenated with many newer and renovated galleries that are open to the public, thanks to the Grand Louvre project.

Taking the Museum’s Walking Tour

A small group walking tour of the Louvre Museum helps you explore the collection of paintings, architectural works, and sculpture with an expert local guide. The number of tourist for the group is limited to a maximum of 25 to ensure that everyone will be receiving personalized attention from the guide. 

Basically, this tour was designed to highlight the most famous works of the museum, entering through the original medieval structure from the 12th century. With the guide, you will embark on a journey from one breathtaking gallery to another, traveling through time and visiting works of art from 450 BCE through the 1800s. The highlights of the tour include viewing of the “Mona Lisa” and the “Venus de Milo”.

When making a reservation, make sure you do it ahead of time, so that you will not be wasting any time waiting in line.

Visiting the Louvre at Night

You can choose to take a guided evening tour in the Louvre Museum, which is an opportunity that is available for a strictly limited season. This will let you experience certain magic about the Louvre during nighttime when its corridors are quiet, its artworks are looking mysterious in low light and its atmosphere is more relaxed. Lit from below, its exterior is also breathtaking, making the old palace to appear contemporary, with the dazzling pyramid reflecting in the pond and bringing in a glamorous ambiance.

Top Highlights of the Museum

The palace of French kings is admired of the world’s finest art it displays. However, there are those that will really catch your attention. One is the Grand Entrance (the Glass Pyramid), which is a masterpiece of architecture. The pyramid floods the space with natural light, offering a better experience for the people who are waiting in line. Another highlight is the Medieval Louvre (the Foundations of the Palace), which reveals the ancient foundations of the medieval fortress. Here, you will see the vestiges of the dungeons, medieval moat and the Salle Saint-Louis, which is an interesting space full of the remains of rib-vaulted support columns.

Louvre Museum Skip the Line Access Guided Tour

(2484) Reviews

Paris’s Louvre Museum is no less than the world’s biggest museum, visited by 10.5 million in 2018 alone. Learn the secrets of three of its biggest crowd-pleasers, including the mysterious Mona Lisa, o

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Timed Entrance Access with Cruise Ticket

(950) Reviews

Step inside one of the biggest and greatest museum of the world. Enjoy the visit at your own pace and discover the greatest pieces of art of the museum.Your tour will include all the museum’s

Duration:2 to 5 hours

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Paris entry ticket

(11) Reviews

With our entry ticket to the Louvre museum, you can see the world most famous paintings like Mona Lisa, and sculptures. No wonder the Louvre is the most visited museum in the world!

Duration:1 to 4 hours

Free Cancellation

Skip-the-line & Private Guided Tour: Louvre Museum

(890) Reviews

Beat the entrance lines to one of France’s top attractions and explore with ease on this 2.5 hour guided Louvre Museum tour in Paris With Reserved Entry Included! The Louvre Museum is very popular amo

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Skip-the-Line Louvre Museum Private Guided Tour

(406) Reviews

Due to its immense size and the thousands of pieces in its collection, the Louvre is best explored and appreciated in a short amount of time on a privately guided tour. We offer a 1-hour 30 minute pri

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Paris Catacombs Skip-the-Line Self-Guided Audio Tour

(68) Reviews

If you´re short on time and want to visit Paris in one day this is a perfect itinerary for you. Of course it is impossible to visit the whole city in one day! However you will be visit all key places

Duration:1 hour 45 minutes


Louvre Museum Ticket & Seine River Cruise

(29) Reviews

Head out for your river cruise ride for 1 hour on the city's romantic Seine. See the best parts of the City of Light from the tranquil water, and enjoy great tidbits from your audio guide.With

Duration:5 hours


Skip the Line: Louvre Museum with Guidance to the Mona Lisa

(44) Reviews

Make your way to the Louvre Museum to meet a member of staff at the designated meeting point. Then, get escorted to a priority entrance for quicker access. Your escort will accompany you in a group, a

Duration:30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Priority Access Tour

(13) Reviews

At the Louver, get a skip-the-line entrance and a 90-minute personalized tour with an audio guide. At your leisure, wander through the fascinating galleries. You may be sure that getting a ticket entr

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes


Louvre Museum Guided Tour

(67) Reviews

This family Louvre adventure explores one of history’s most fascinating civilizations: ancient Egypt. This educational program is designed to encourage kids to think like archaeologists by using the L

Duration:2 hours

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Access Tickets

(12) Reviews

Enjoy skip-the-line entrance and a 2-hour bespoke tour with an audio guide at the Louver. Explore the fascinating galleries at your own speed. As one of the world's most famous museums, you can be con

Duration:1 hour 40 minutes


Skip-the-Line: Louvre Museum & Self-Guided Tours in Paris

(21) Reviews

There are plenty of good reasons to visit the Louvre! This fabulous museum that used to be a palace, and now it hosts a collection that spans work from ancient civilizations to the mid-19th centur

Duration:2 hours


Louvre Museum Reserved Access Tickets

(12) Reviews

The priority pass grants you access to the museum's 35,000 works of art, both permanent and temporary, as well as in-person visits to the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Collect your Nintendo 3DS audio g

Duration:2 to 4 minutes


Louvre Museum Tickets for Direct Access Tour

(4) Reviews

With this priority pass, you can visit the Louvre in comfort and style. You'll have access to the entire collection of the museum, as well as the option to book an English guide for more information.

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes


Skip-the-line & Semi-Private Guided Tour: Louvre Museum

(459) Reviews

This 2.5 hour semi-private (8 Guest Maximum) guided tour of the Louvre museum with Reserved Entry Included gets you into the galleries with our expert guide. This tour includes a visit to some of the

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Ticket with Introduction by a Host

(140) Reviews

Enter inside the Louvre Museum in Paris by pre-booking your admission ticket. You'll enjoy more time to see the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and other masterpieces of one of the world’s greatest muse

Duration:1 day

Free Cancellation

Full-Day Skip-The-Line Ticket to Louvre Museum

(0) Reviews

Explore the world's most famous and most visited museum, the Louvre Museum in Paris! At the ticket offices, there are usually 1-2 hours of waiting lines, save this valuable time with our tickets, and

Duration:120 to 360 minutes

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Fast Track E-Ticket

(0) Reviews

Of course you'll want to see Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, but don't neglect at least some of the 35,000 other artistic treasures inside

Duration:1 hour


Louvre Museum : Guided Tour (Skip-the-ticket-line)

(0) Reviews

See impressive works of art by great masters at the Louvre in Paris, and skip the line to see the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and much more. Less waiting time to enter one of the most famous museums

Duration:2 to 3 hours

Free Cancellation

Louvre Exclusive : Discover the best of Paris Louvre Museum

(0) Reviews

A visit to Paris would be totally incomplete without a trip to the largest museum in the world and that is 'The Louvre Museum'.With our expert guide, you will be able to explore the vast Louvr

Duration:90 to 180 minutes

Free Cancellation

Paris Highlights from Louvre Museum to Notre Dame

(0) Reviews

Paris: All that you need to see in the capital of art, culture, and history with an expert guide.Walk the streets of Paris for a perfect introduction for first-time visitors.Guided walking tou

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Guided Tour with Skip-the-line Tickets

(1) Reviews

A highlights tour with a skip the line entrance. Small group. Enjoy the museum with the help of a licensed guide seasoned in art history.Your guide will take you through the roons where you will d

Duration:2 hours


Private Tour Louvre Museum

(9) Reviews

The Louvre Museum is the largest Museum in the world, a guide is more then advised for your visit . I'm an Official Private guide in France and pleased to guide people from all over the world sinc

Duration:3 hours

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum and Musée d'Orsay Private Tour

(11) Reviews

Enjoy skip-the-line access and learn the stories behind some of the world’s most famous works of art on this private tour of the Louvre Museum and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. With your informative Eng

Duration:5 hours 30 minutes


Family Treasure Hunt at the Louvre Museum

(41) Reviews

Discover the Louvre art collections without boring your children- that's the bet this Family Treasure Hunt at the Louvre Museum makes. You think your children could grow tired of this visit? No way!

Duration:2 hours

Free Cancellation

Private Professional Photoshoot at the Louvre Museum in Paris

(1) Reviews

Say goodbye to blurry mobile phone pictures. Having your photos taken professionally is so much better than a selfie! Turn your visit to the Louvre Museum into a memory that will last a lifetime by ha

Duration:15 minutes


Paris Private Tour with Skip the line Tickets to Louvre Museum & French Crepes

(2) Reviews

Feel the magic of Paris in this fantastic private tour visiting the most authentic places of the city, away from the tourist tide, with your local guide.Surprise yourself with the spectacular

Duration:5 to 6 hours

Free Cancellation

Louvre Museum Skip the Line Guided Tour

(4) Reviews

With over 7 million yearly visitors and 36.000 exposed artworks and other masterpieces, the Louvre is the most visited museum and holds the largest number of exposed works, of any museum in the world.

Duration:2 hours

Free Cancellation

Versailles Palace & Louvre Museum Private Day Tour from Paris

(4) Reviews

If you must choose two of the most important landmarks in Paris, you will probably choose the Versailles palace and the Louvre museum. Explore with your licensed guide this 2 magnificent place

Duration:8 hours


Louvre Museum Small Group Guided Tour

(8) Reviews

Want an in-depth description of the Louvre’s most famous pieces? Don’t want to wait in line? Want a private and passionate guide for your small group? Like time to visit on your own? This is the tour

Duration:2 hours 30 minutes

Free Cancellation


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