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Two words – fairy chimneys. No one talks about Cappadocia without talking about the cone-shaped rock formations in Göreme, Monks Valley and elsewhere, which could have been built by fairies. It’s a sight to behold, and a mystery you’d want to keep. With the right Cappadocia holiday packages, you can step into its magical world or fly over it aboard a hot air balloon. See more of this region’s interesting places, including the Underground cities that consist of a network of tunnels and caves, and the monastery carved in rock, Gümüsler Monastery. For the adventure lover, hiking and cross golf are two of the things to do.

Best Cappadocia Tour Packages in 2024

Package Title Duration Inclusions Price
06-Days Best of Istanbul and Cappadocia 05 Nights | 06 Days Airfare, Assistance, Breakfast, Hotels, Lunch, Sightseeing, Transfers, Transport, Visa Fee ₹130000

06-Days Best of Istanbul and Cappadocia


Duration: 05 Nights | 06 Days

Departure Point: India


09-Days Wonders of Turkey with Cappadocia, Antalya, Ephesus,...


Duration: 08 Nights | 09 Days

Departure Point: India


11-Days Turkish Delight


Duration: 10 Nights | 11 Days

Departure Point: India



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Cappadocia - Holiday Tour Packages

A vacation to Cappadocia is like stepping into a completely different world where fairy tales are true, wishes are granted, and geological formations are called fairy chimneys. The towering boulders and honeycomb hills can only be described as otherworldly, and something you would most likely see in theme parks or sci-fi films.

But this fantastical topography is real, and has a history that dates back at a time where mystery and fantasy are accepted as truth. So if you want your next trip to be more than just interesting, travel to Cappadocia. Or choose holiday packages to Turkey where it is one of the highlights. 

Places to visit in Cappadocia

There is no shortage of places to visit in Cappadocia, as each step will take you to something wonderful and new. The entire region, after all, is a huge maze of houses, cities, churches and other infrastructures, either built underground or carved on rocks. Some are also made by none other than nature itself. 

This world heritage site in Central Anatolia in Turkey did not form out of nowhere. And the story of how it came to be is as fantastical as the entire region, making it a vacation destination in your bucket list. Nature combined with human hands made it possible to create storehouses, stables, living quarters, and places of worship over and below the soft rock of Cappadocia. 

Make sure to visit Ihlara Valley where many rock-carved churches can be found; Uchisar, the highest point of Cappadocia and the site of a natural rock castle; and Mustafapasa, an old Greek village.

Things to do in Cappadocia

Hiking is one of the best things to do when in Cappadocia, as it is the best way to explore and discover the entire area. The only difference with other hikes you might have done in your other holidays is that you will do most of it underground. 

Mix it up with a trek or ATV safari at the Ihlara Valley or Monestry Valley. Now if you want to get a bird’s eye view of this surreal and fantastic landscape, ride a hot air balloon and gently drift over and between rock formations, vineyards, orchards and fairy chimneys. 

Do you want to challenge the golfer in you? Engage in Cross Golf where the goal is to make the birdie through Cappadocia’s rock formations, flora and fauna, and fairy chimneys.

Top attractions in Cappadocia

  • Underground cities provide the most sightseeing & activities, up to 8 storeys to be exact. Exploring them often involve going through underground tunnels and caves, which will make your trip ‘deeply’ unforgettable.
  • Gumusler Monastery is a monastery carved in rock and kept hidden from the outside world, but the structure is not the only reason to check it out. Fascinating as it may be, dated at 10 to 11 century, its best kept secret is the world’s only smiling Mona Lisa style Madonna. 
  • Goreme Open Air Museum is not your typical museum that houses arts and artefacts, as it has a collection of fairy chimneys, caves and churches in caves instead. Although, you can see geometric motifs and nice frescoes in any of these amazing features. 

Other top attractions to see are the breathtakingly beautiful green valley of Rose Valley, old Greek houses in Sinasos, and the Selime Cathedral. 

Cappadocia holiday packages

There are plenty more to see in Cappadocia, Turkey, but it would be fantastic to see and experience with your own eyes. Sign up from Cappadocia holiday packages offered by La Vacanza Travel.

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