Top 10 and 1 Things to Do When in South Africa

Top 10 and 1 Things to Do When in South Africa

Top 10 and 1 Things to Do When in South Africa

A travel destination where you can experience authentic Safari Adventure, South Africa is where you should be if you are looking for natural wonders with just the right key players – the Big 5 in nature reserves, and Whales, Dolphins, and Sharks in its vast ocean.

In this popular tourist destination, sightseeing tours and activities often revolve around Mother Nature.

Time to take that much-needed break to the outdoors. Here are Top 11 Things to Do When in South Africa


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Aerial view of Cape Town with Table Mountain 


Top 11 Things to Do When in South Africa



  • Visit Robben Island



Robben Island, Table BayThis Island is where former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was banished and imprisoned, making it critical to the history of South Africa. After all, it became the home of the man who paved the way towards democracy for nearly 20 years.

So it's not a surprise that his former prison has become a South African World Heritage Site. 


  • Ride an Ostrich


Oudtshoorn in Karoo region has the largest ostrich population in South Africa and a tourist magnet. If you wish to ride an Ostrich, visit an Ostrich Farms in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.


A safari experience would be incomplete without riding an ostrich. Trying to get on them is already an adventure.

So imagine how much fun you will get when you do get to ride them like a pro. Visit the famous ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn and The Cango Route in Little Karoo.

If you're up for some real challenge, check out ostrich in the wild, and see if you are fast up enough to catch and ride one. Game reserves are home to some gigantic Karoo birds too. 


  • Visit Table Mountain


Table Mountain, Cape Town


Table Mountain is called as such because it takes the form of a table, but without the legs.

It doesn't have any decorative features either, but you shouldn't settle with just seeing it from afar. Because at the top, you will be treated to a spectacular view over the Cape Peninsula, the Cape Floral Region, and the rest of the Table Mountain National Park.

What is even better is that there are several ways to get to the top. All of which offer a certain level of excitement and adventure.

Take a pick from The Table Mountain cableway, cycling trails or hiking trails. Well, why not try all three during your vacation? You won’t regret it. 


  • Whale or Shark Safari


Whale Safari in South Africa


Who would dare to get up close and personal with a whale or shark? But in South Africa, you have every opportunity to do so through whale or shark safari.

And don't worry, you won't be shark meat, as you will be safe aboard a boat or in a cage. At the Shark Alley near Gansbaai, it will only take a 20-minute boat ride for you to see great whites. 


  • Visit Cape of Good Hope


Cape of Good Hope


More commonly known as Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope is where some of the best natural attractions in South Africa can be found, including the Table Mountain National Park.

Home to some 250 species of birds, including a family of ostriches and cormorants, it's a great location for bird watching, especially in the southwestern-most point.

The Cape of Good Hope Trail is a circular walking trail that takes two days to complete, requiring you to spend the night at any of the basic huts in Protea and Restio.

Then, there's the Cape Point Lighthouse, which has long been decommissioned but remains a tourist magnet.

You can reach it on foot since it's not a hard walk uphill. But if you'd rather not subject yourself to any form of physical activity, you can always take the Flying Dutchman Funicular that will take you right up to the kiosk next to the lighthouse. 


  • Visit a Vineyard



A lot of people think of South Africa as a vast desert landscape. But they could be thinking of a different location since it actually has wide and long stretches of vineyards with stunning mountain views as a backdrop.

In fact, there are several vineyards that a wine route is available in Cape Town, complete with restaurants and accommodation, where you can sample the wine and the hospitality.

Don't leave South Africa without visiting KwaZulu-Natal wine, a new addition in the country's viticultural history that spans 350 years. 


  • Garden Route



One of the things to do, or make that must do, when in South Africa is to take the Garden Route.

Garden Route is a long stretch of trail with a variety of tourist attractions along the way, such as ancient forests, modern golf courses, beautiful retirement estates, mountain hideaways, and stunning beaches. It's the best way to explore all of Western Cape. 


  • Hot Air Balloon


Hot Air Balloon is a very popular activity in South Africa.


In South Africa, you not only ride a hot air balloon but also go on a hot air balloon safari, depending on your choice of destination.

Get a bird's-eye view of the Skeerpoort Country Base or the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Enjoy an adventure in the sky during your holiday. 


  • Wildlife Safari


Picture Source: Manyeleti Tintswalo Safari Lodge


It won't be a vacation in South Africa without experiencing the wildlife safari. The country is, after all, most famous for its wildlife and nature.

So make sure you spend a day exploring its vast unspoiled landscape. A day for every location, that is. Sign up for a wildlife safari in Kruger Park, Madikwe Game Reserve, Kwandwe Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and many others. 


  • Witness Big-5


Picture: Singita Game Drive


Apart from wildlife safaris, you should also sign up for the Big 5 Safari, where you get to see 5 animals known not only for their big size but also for their predatory nature.

With the exception of an elephant, a buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino are quite elusive, but you have every opportunity to spot them in South Africa.

You can choose from various tour options, such as guided drives, guided walks or self-drive Big 5 safari. 


  • Get Close to Penguins



Just when you think you need to go to Antarctica to see penguins with your own eyes, South Africa offers you a much closer alternative, for an opportunity to see their own version of African penguins, which don't look any different than those found in cold destinations.

There are penguin conservations in South Africa. And you will also see them on Dyer Island, Sanccob Eastern Cape in Cape St Francis, Bird Island Nature Reserve, and other areas where penguins are protected.



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