Looking for Reasons to Visit Vietnam? Here Are the Best Ones

Looking for Reasons to Visit Vietnam? Here Are Some of the Best Ones

Looking for Reasons to Visit Vietnam? Here Are Some of the Best Ones

Offering tourists and travelers plenty of beautiful places to visit and a range of unique experiences, Vietnam gives you plenty of reasons to visit the country.

But let's break them down for you.


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Why Vietnam is a must-visit holiday destination


woman with Vietnam culture traditional, Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Pho and Rice Dishes


Sampling local cuisine is usually in everyone's list of activities to do when visiting a new destination.

In Vietnam, you have a variety of rice dishes to choose from, such as Bun Cha or Kebab rice noodles and Bun Thit Nuong, rice noodles with grilled meat.

You must also sample Pho, a local soup with rice noodles, meat, and vegetables and their famous Vietnamese spring roll.


vietnamese pho with spicy sriracha sauce


  • Vietnamese Beer and Coffee


Coffee in this country is unique because of its preparation process. To release dark-flavored coffee, the ground roast coffee beans go into a small filter mixed with just a small amount of boiled water. Enjoy it with milk, sugar, or just plain black coffee.

Beer, on the other hand, is not just a beverage but a culture among locals. After all, they are one of Asia's biggest beer consumers. When in Vietnam, it's a must to drink the local beer.


Vietnam is one of the biggest beer consumers in Asia

vietnamese coffee


  • Architecture and Archaeology


In different places in the country, you will see the remnants of ancient civilizations. The Temple of Literature, for example, is a historical building from the Dai Viet civilization. The Champa My Son Temple Complex, on the other hand, is what was left of the Cham kingdom.


Tran Quoc pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Rich Local Culture and Heritage


Dating back over thousands of years, the Vietnamese nation has a culture that has thrived through passing centuries and manifests in the local architecture, entertainment, fine arts, and many more.


Beautiful vietnamese woman in Ao Dai white-traditional dress of vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam


  • Hoi An


This ancient UNESCO World Heritage town is reminiscent of Venice, which is why it's also called the Venice of Vietnam. This is mainly due to the laid-back vibe, picturesque landscape, and French colonial architecture that is well-preserved.


bamboo basket boats in Hoi An,vietnam


  • Natural Landscapes


If there's one place that will always be present in anyone Vietnam itinerary, Halong Bay is it. This World Heritage Site is home to many floating limestone karsts, magnificent natural caves, white-sand beaches, and many islands and islets.

On land, Vietnam has plenty of terraced rice fields that offer a picturesque view at any angle. They're found in areas where ethnic communities live, too.


Cat Ba island from above. Lan Ha bay. Hai phong, Vietnam


  • Mekong Delta


Here, you will see Vietnam's answer to the floating market in Thailand. Buy local specialties or simply enjoy the bustling atmosphere, which is thanks to the many benefits that the Mekong Delta brings.


Mekong delta cruise vietnam


  • Outdoor Adventures


Trying to cross the road in Vietnam is already an adventure, even more so when you ride one along with local motorists.

If you'd rather play it safe and still have fun, you should go sledding down the Mui Ne sand dunes.

When in Ha Long Bay, climb up the limestone karsts, kayak on the bay, book a 4-hour or overnight tour aboard sleep aboard boats, and hop from one island to another.


Couple enjoying view of Ha Long Bay from cruise ship


These are just some of the things to see and do in Vietnam, giving you more reasons to book your next trip to this part of the world.


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