Discover the Best Sights to See in Christchurch, New Zealand

Discover the Best Sights to See in Christchurch, New Zealand

Discover the Best Sights to See in Christchurch, New Zealand

Cities, just like people, have character and charm. The food, the culture, the views – all of these things leave an impression on you, especially during your first visit.

Christchurch, New Zealand, for example, is a gorgeous city with several unique sights. Natural landmarks and man-made marvels are sprinkled throughout the city. 

New Regent St Christchurch

Sightseeing in Christchurch can be a magical experience – if you know where to look. Stow your extra baggage with a luggage storage service to venture about hands-free, then check out the following locations.

185 Empty Chairs

Natural disasters are an unfortunate constant of life. No matter how advanced society gets, we’ll always have to contend with hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. In 2011, a mighty earthquake rocked Christchurch. The 185 Empty Chairs installation is dedicated to people who perished during this tragedy. Each chair is painted stark white, representing a person whose life was cut short. A harrowing monument, these 185 Empty Chairs are worth your admiration.

Avon River

Nature is a double-edged sword because it is equal parts terrifying and captivating. For every flash flood, there’s a gorgeous stream or lake. Avon River is one of the most visually stunning rivers in Christchurch. It’s about 8.7 miles long and flows from the Avonhead suburb. In Maori, the Avon River is known as Ōtakaro. Many locals might refer to either name, and all of them will have nothing but sparkling recommendations.


Tranz Alpine: Scenic Train Christchurch to Greymouth


Bridge of Remembrance

World War I is often thought of as a conflict that primarily occurred in and affected Europe. That couldn’t be further from the truth; even an island nation like New Zealand felt the impact of the “War to end all wars”. The Bridge of Remembrance is dedicated to New Zealanders who perished during World War I. William Gummer designed this monument, inscribing it with a Latin phrase that asks, “What will a man not do for his country?”

Canterbury Museum

A city like Christchurch has a lot of history. You could spend hours combing through city archives and dense textbooks. Or, you could visit the Canterbury Museum. This venue is the single most popular museum in the city. The museum celebrates Christchurch’s unique cultural heritage and features new events each month. There is also a slew of interactive exhibits that make learning a hands-on experience.

Cardboard Cathedral

Some of you might have read the title of this entry and thought, “That’s just a name, right? There’s no way someone actually built a church out of cardboard.” Well, Shigeru Ban essentially did. The Cardboard Cathedral is an architectural marvel that incorporates wood, glass, and 86 cardboard tubes that all weigh 500 kilograms (or 1,100 pounds). This place of worship opened in 2013 and regularly holds services.




Christchurch Botanic Gardens

It all started with just one tree. Back in 1863, Prince Albert and Princess Alexandria got married. An oak tree was planted to celebrate the occasion. Then, more seeds and saplings were planted nearby. All of this eventually merged into the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Centuries later, the gardens are still a sight to behold. Many plants, flowers, and trees have taken root here. And yes, that first oak tree is still standing tall – it’s called the Albert Edward Oak.


Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Christchurch Gondola

New Zealand is a nation filled with natural beauty. It’s a very green place and is great for outdoorsy types. No exaggeration; there are probably just as many hiking trails as there are crosswalks in Christchurch alone.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, there’s a lot to see here, and the Christchurch Gondola is a great way to see it. This iconic landmark travels across some of the city’s steepest slopes. The views are simply amazing.




Port Hills

Another way to appreciate New Zealand’s scenery is to hike. Not just through a park or up the street – we mean hiking Queenstown’s mountain ranges. These regions are brimming with green grass and sunshine if you go during the day. The Port Hills mountain range gets our stamp of approval. This region has summits that climb up to 500 meters above sea level. And to think that such a gorgeous area used to be part of the Lyttelton volcano!


Christchurch - Canterbury


Riccarton House

Christchurch’s population is largely comprised of Asian, European, and Maori citizens. Naturally, the city’s culture is heavily influenced by these demographics. The Riccarton House is one of the first areas where European settlers lived.

It was built in 1856 but is primarily used as a restaurant these days. Cafe-style food is on the menu, alongside sandwiches and market-style fish dishes. You have to book your stay in advance, as this venue is trendy.

Taylors Mistake

Some things get lost in the annals of time; we may never know who built Stonehenge or how the Egyptians built pyramids with rudimentary technology. We may also never learn who Taylor was and why this cove was named after them. That mystery is part of the reason why so many people visit Taylors Mistake. The other reason why folks stop by Te Onepoto, as it’s known in Maori, is the gorgeous scenery.

Victoria Clock Tower

Big Ben is easily the most famous clock tower in the world, but it’s far from the only clock tower in the world. There are several structures like this around the world – each one possessing unique traits and distinct backstories. The Victoria Clock Tower is an iconic piece of Christchurch's architecture. This structure was designed by Benjamin Mountfort and is also known as the Diamond Jubilee Clock Tower. As one might’ve guessed, it’s dedicated to Queen Victoria.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Most city dwellers don’t get to interact with too many different kinds of animals on a regular basis. Pigeons, cats, and dogs typically run the gamut for most of us. That’s why places like the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve are so awesome.

Visitors have the opportunity to get up close and personal with eels, lemurs, gibbons, and capybaras. Really, you can even participate in animal feeding events during certain times of the year.


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