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Bern Holiday Packages

Bern Holiday Packages

Bern is postcard-worthy from every angle, but it’s more than just about its looks. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town is Switzerland’s capital, but it is uniquely relaxing, laidback and charming, not like any other capital you’ll see. Bern is full of delightful surprises, which makes it a magnet for tourists looking for an authentic European experience. From its stunning museums to its excellent local dining and drinking scene, Bern has everything you need (and more) for the perfect holiday.

Here at La Vacanza, we offer the best holiday packages to beautiful Bern. You can choose from private tours, solo trips or group tour packages and we make sure that you get the holiday you deserve.

Best Bern Tour Packages in 2024

Package Title Duration Inclusions Price
Highlights of Switzerland and Italy An 11 Day Tour Package 10-Nights | 11-Days Airfare, Assistance, Breakfast, Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, Transport ₹207000

Highlights of Switzerland and Italy: An 11-Day Tour Package


Duration: 10-Nights | 11-Days

Departure Point: India



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The best experiences in Bern

When you book one of the holiday packages to Bern, you’ll surely be in for a holiday of a lifetime.

Bear Park

Bern has been synonymous with bears in Switzerland. In fact, it is the town’s symbol and you will see it everywhere—from its coat of arms to its odd lampposts. But if you want to get up close with a real bear, you don’t have to go far because you will see them at Bear Park where bears have been living for decades. Make sure to include a trip to this landmark as you book your holiday packages to Bern.

The Old Town

Bern is already beautiful at first glance, but no other place in town can give you the most captivating views than Old Town.

This part of Bern may be small and surrounded on both sides by the Aare river, but it is definitely big in surprises. Stroll around Old Town and be surrounded by arcades and medieval buildings that have stood the test of time.


Bern’s Rose Garden is every flower lover’s dream. Known as Rosengarten to locals, this beautiful garden is home to more than 200 different types of roses, irises, and other flowers.

You can also grab a meal at the Rosengarten restaurant while admiring the stunning views of Old Town.

The Clock Tower

You can’t miss Bern’s iconic clock tower. This city landmark was built in the 13th century and has been used as a guard tower, clock tower and prison block. It was also the master clock of the city. If you’re visiting the city’s cathedral, don’t forget to stop by the clock tower too.

Why choose Bern

There are more than a handful of reasons to choose Bern as your next travel destination. Aside from being one of the most charming locations in Switzerland, Bern is also one of only a few cities around the world that perfectly combines both the old and new.

But what a lot of tourists who have booked holiday packages to Bern love coming back to is its people. The people of Bern are extremely accommodating and can easily switch from their local dialect to English, French or even High German.

So, what are you waiting for? Book one of our holiday packages to Bern and experience Switzerland’s capital for yourself.

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