Mr. Som Gangopadhyay

Sr. Vice President - Gunnebo India P.L.

Every one has bills to pay, cash rewards often disappears that way. Though Cash rewards are highly desirable but is always considered income or perceived as a salary. We do a lot of brainstorming for our R&R programs and Travel Incentive program is always a most sought after R&R activity as it provides a tangible memory of the company that awards, has a lasting trophy value, appeals to participants imagination and meets their emotional needs.

Besides the above, Our programs are planned meticulously to include other goals of the company, we also treat these programs as a bonding opportunity between management and partners.

LA VACANZA team’s role in putting program together keeping all the interests of the partners with respect to exotic locations, veg – non veg Indian meals, sightseeing, adventure sports, conference and meeting requirement have been outstanding. We can say that LA VACANZA team is focused on delivering a WOW experience ! As we lookup to them for our programs success, I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors……